Friday, February 24, 2012

40th birthday and a woman who can do seriously everything...

For the Lady that can do everything. She handles all kinds of things from taking care of spills and messes to all of the paperwork. This was for the 40th birthday of a woman whose work is her life...Everyone got together and did this for a surprise party.
 Items included on the cake were
a toilet plunger, cell phone, paper work, bullhorn and a stop sign. Plus a pair of figures to top off the cake.

Cailou Birthday

This cake was for a little girl. 
that just loved Caillou. The figures and the 2 was made from gumpaste, the rest was fondant, over  a chocolate cake with a buttterfinger mouse filling. YUM!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's a wonderful wonderland kind of day!!

I had a blast doing this cake. All the decorations are made of gumpaste. The cake itself was in the Neapolitan style, a chocolate layer, strawberry layer, and a vanilla layer.

Race Way Birthday!!!

A 4th birthday Cake for a friend. What a fun idea. I should have thought of this for my boys

A Fall Wedding

Ok, so this was my first official wedding cake. It was a big task but in the end I loved it. I had done a tiny one for a YW project a year ago, but this one was for real!

Monday, June 20, 2011

A castle fit for a Nene

This cake was done for the Nenster 's  9th Birthday, A hello kitty and castle. I got caught up in other projects so it was a little plainer than planned, but she loves it anyway!

Safari Cake

This fun cake was for a cutie's first Birthday. The matching smash cake and fiasco is seen in the ~When Bad things happen to good cake~ post