Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's a wonderful wonderland kind of day!!

I had a blast doing this cake. All the decorations are made of gumpaste. The cake itself was in the Neapolitan style, a chocolate layer, strawberry layer, and a vanilla layer.

Race Way Birthday!!!

A 4th birthday Cake for a friend. What a fun idea. I should have thought of this for my boys

A Fall Wedding

Ok, so this was my first official wedding cake. It was a big task but in the end I loved it. I had done a tiny one for a YW project a year ago, but this one was for real!

Monday, June 20, 2011

A castle fit for a Nene

This cake was done for the Nenster 's  9th Birthday, A hello kitty and castle. I got caught up in other projects so it was a little plainer than planned, but she loves it anyway!

Safari Cake

This fun cake was for a cutie's first Birthday. The matching smash cake and fiasco is seen in the ~When Bad things happen to good cake~ post

Sunday, May 22, 2011

When BAD things happen to good cakes!!! :o(

So this is a story of what happens when a cake has a very, very, bad day. I was finally finished with that huge cake for a first birthday. This was the smash cake that was to match. Mom had specifically ordered a giraffe for the top of both cakes as this was a safari friends birthday party. Isn't she cute. I loved this little giraffe so much, and I had fun making her. All was great until we were loading the car. Said cake was in a cake carrier when everything went amiss, just minutes before delivery! 

 So... as I move the cake out of the way for the larger cake to be placed in a car, I suddenly feel a slide and then no weight to the carrier. In slow motions it feels like I look down to see my little smash cake hurtling to the ground, into a gutter no less! I stand there mouth agape as I see my little cake upside down in the gutter, mud and yuck splashed all over it!


What can I say I cried the whole way over on delivery thinking I have never had this happen before. Of course my wonderful husband was so supportive and reminded me how much worse this could be. It could have been the big cake in the gutter not the small one! The customer was not even worried and told me stuff happens. Ah, how wonderful to have such a great customer right!! Thank you so much for understanding that sometimes thing go wrong. So in the end I went home and tried to make a new smash cake to replace the one that got dropped. 

So it was not the matching giraffe, I so could not pull that off in an hour, but it did match a few of the birds from the larger cake.  I think over all it was not a bad replacement for something that could have been so much worse. I guess I was just lucky I had made one extra layer for the original cake. I also had extra flowers and fondant and icing to cover it. In the end they got a smaller smash cake for the baby, but hey how much cake can a one year old eat by themselves anyways right....

Baby Belly Cake

I usually have more time to get better pics than on my counter... However this was the baby belly cake. I loved the little foot print on the belly.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

This cake is now a fave. I love the butterflies and bugs!! I had so much fun making this one!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What is the WORST cake you have ever seen?

We have all seen them. Those monstrosities we call cake. Some so ugly you are scared to eat it. ;o) Something misspelled or just down right wrong. Today I saw one that was a baby shower cake. How can that go wrong you might ask???? Well take a look and see if you see the problem. I mean really... Now I did not make this cake but wanted to see if I am wrong on this. Do you think this or others are scary. I would not want to cut into it. Although I am guilty of the Kitty Box cake! Which in some ways is even worse.
I guess it is all a matter of what we are looking for.. LOL

So let's hear it, what is the worst cake you have seen

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rockin Roll Princess

This cake was made for my daughters 14th Birthday. The neck is made of rice crispy treats and the bottom a red velvet cake.

Baby N' Peas

This adorable cake and cupcakes were done for a good friends baby shower. I absolutely loved this cake and the little baby I created to represent her new daughter. The cake is covered in fondant and the baby, diapers, and pea pods where made from gumpaste and fondant.

The Legend of Ryan

A cake topper made of rice crispy treats for a birthday

Let's go Fish'in cupcakes

Filled cupcakes decorated to look like little fish bowls.

Let's Rock Out

What kind of cake is better for a guy than the classic gaming guitar. This was made for a friend on his unbirthday. It was my very first guitar style cake.

NeNe's CTR cake

CTR cake for my daughter. This one incorporates the fondant and various gumpaste flowers

It's A TinkerBell Kind of Day

This cake was designed for my 8 year old. She wanted the ultimate Tinkerbell cake for her birthday, including the tea pot house. The teapot is made of white chocolate and fondant, so 100% edible if you can handle that much sugar. The flowers and name are composed of gumpaste and fondant.