About Me

My name is Brandi. I am that lucky lady who lives down the street and just loves life. I am a stay at home mom of 6 amazing children and the happy wife to my favorite person in the world.

I have found in recent years an absolute love for making and decorating cakes. I started playing with cake about 8 years ago by taking a few classes. In more recent years I have taken more classes and learned to do all the types of things I wanted to see on my own cake. Making flowers, understanding fondant, and just plain being creative.  It has become a passion as with this I can finally express my artistic side and explore the amazing opportunities that cakes and cupcakes let me do.

At this time I am not taking any orders, or open for business. This is just a hobby that I like to share with others. I would love to help you out by answering any questions you may have about cake decorating.

I make all my cakes myself and home-make the flowers, fondant and other goodies I decorate with.