Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What is the WORST cake you have ever seen?

We have all seen them. Those monstrosities we call cake. Some so ugly you are scared to eat it. ;o) Something misspelled or just down right wrong. Today I saw one that was a baby shower cake. How can that go wrong you might ask???? Well take a look and see if you see the problem. I mean really... Now I did not make this cake but wanted to see if I am wrong on this. Do you think this or others are scary. I would not want to cut into it. Although I am guilty of the Kitty Box cake! Which in some ways is even worse.
I guess it is all a matter of what we are looking for.. LOL

So let's hear it, what is the worst cake you have seen


  1. That is just wrong :) What would you make a Kitty Box Cake for?

  2. That is a scary cake!! The worst cake that I have ever seen wasn't so bad, but it's frosting had been swiped by several little fingers and it icked me out to even think about eating it.

  3. The kitty box cake was for Halloween, and yes, some of the guest could not eat it as it looked to real!

    Also the idea of many little hands and lots of saliva, yeah not appetizing either!!